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Giant Black Marlin Fishing

Come and fish Cairns, the big-game capital of the fishing world! The Giant Black Marlin grounds of the Great Barrier Reef are certainly among the finest in the world, luring anglers here to the outer edge of the reef where the drop off meets the deep clear waters of the Coral Sea.

The Season

From September to December it is common to be hooking marlin in the 400 - 800 pound range and the prospect of catching a fish in excess of 1000 pounds is better here than in any other fishing region - world wide. During the "season" the local game boats ply the waters between Lizard Island to the north and Cairns to the south, roughly 150 miles. They are constantly in search of the hot spots where the fishing activity is at itís best. The hotter the better.

This area boasts the best the Great Barrier Reef has to offer in every sense. The climate is ideal, warm but not too hot. The water temperature and visibility are ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. The light sportfishing for mackerel, wahoo and dolphin fish and bottom fishing for coral trout and red emperor offer constant action and entertainment - not to mention dinner.

Personal Attention

There are various options for your game fishing holiday but the most important aspect to remember is that we design the charter to suit your individual needs. We take into account your budget, number of days you have available, standard of luxury required, number of persons in your group, dates available, and as we have ALL the charter boats listed, we can advise the availability of the very best boats and crews.

Day Trips

We organise DAY TRIPS from Cairns ( the most economical option) or Lizard Island with accommodation at the exclusive Lizard Island Resort. (Ask about our choice of premium grade and budget accommodations). Both of these ports have excellent game fishing within easy reach.

There is a range of vessels in the 40 ft - 42 ft range. This is the best alternative for many visitors to the area with limited time who wish to enjoy other activities and attractions the area has to offer.

Live-Aboard Game Boats

The LIVE ABOARD proves a very practical option suiting groups of up to four anglers in a comfortable style. These vessels range in size from 40 ft - 65 ft and obviously the bigger the vessel the more comfortable it will be. These live aboard charters can be arranged so that the vessel departs directly from Cairns, returning Cairns or consider flying your group to the reef by seaplane or even into Lizard Island to meet the vessel.

The advantages of staying out at sea are obvious with more relaxing time for snorkelling or diving as well as more fishing time. The sportfishing enthusiast has ample opportunity to catch Dolphin Fish, Sailfish and Tuna, Wahoo, Mackerel, Barracuda.

Mothership And Game Boat Packages

The luxury of the MOTHERSHIP PACKAGE is unbeatable. Two vessels at your disposal, your game boat chasing the fishing action and every evening your Mothership is anchored behind the reef to greet you with a cook drink and appetiser before your three course meal.

It is usual for the game boats to measure 40 ft in length but the mother ships vary in size from 60 ft (very comfortable) up to 110 ft (very luxurious). Go ahead and pamper yourself. The fishing parties should ideally have a maximum of four anglers on each game boat with up to two gameboats per mothership. The first class motherships highest standard meals, open bar, scuba & snorkelling equipment dive compressor, windsurfers, waterskiing, four to six crew.

Tag and release is strongly promoted. In fact, Cairns is a world leader in protecting itís fishery. We want you to come back again and again, like many of our other world class anglers.

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